Friday, July 29, 2016

The vacation continues

Hello again friends! I figured I would finish off my week sharing our second vacation. Since this post involves my favorite people and some of my favorite things, I thought I would participate in the Friday Favorites link up today!

After our road trip, we came back to Phoenix to work for about a week. Then we were off again, this time back to Nebraska, our favorite place to vacation! It was raining when we got there, and our cute little chauffeurs were ready with an umbrella big enough for all of us!

I found these cards in the dollar spot at Target. Most of them are for little kids, but I found a few that I felt were great for me to learn. For instance, the flags of the world we studied on our road trip! I picked up US States when I got home. I was also searching for the US Presidents. Of course, I saw it several times and didn't think I needed them. Once I couldn't find them, I HAD to have them! I went to three Targets in Phoenix and could not find them!! So I made everyone go to Target with me on the way to the lake! (Side note, I went to yet another Target the other day and saw tons of US Presidents cards! Go figure.)

We spent the weekend at the lake. The first night we took a boat ride and enjoyed dinner on the lake!

Love my sissies!

Saturday morning we headed to the Lavender Festival to learn about all things lavender.

The main reason we were back for the weekend was for a wedding for one of my high school classmates. The wedding was beautiful!

Matt and I have been getting really good at taking self-timer pictures so we had to show off to my family! We took this right near the entrance at the same time as everyone was walking into the reception! But look at how good it turned out! :)

The reception was also gorgeous! Each table had a classic Disney theme.

The reception was so fun. It is always great to run into old friends! We finally decided to take a class of '08 picture at a wedding! This group of kids are some of the smartest from our class, yet we couldn't figure out to not take a picture in a dark room right behind a light!

Much better!!

I think Jake wishes he was part of our class! ;)

Instead of heading back to Phoenix after the weekend like usual, we stayed a couple extra days. We went up to visit our newlywed friends in their new house. First we drove by Andy's office.

We enjoyed some delicious enchiladas they made for us. They live right across the street from the park which had a putt putt golf course. So of course we had to play!

Then the boys enjoyed the playground for a little bit!

We enjoyed some board games as well. We had such a great time with them even though it was very short.
Tuesday I joined my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and some of my cousins for lunch. Then we headed over to the Military museum to look at the display of military uniforms from my grandpa and my grandma's brothers.

We spent a few days decorating our room at the lake house. It was so fun!! Matt helped me clean the sea shells and wrote my name with them on the tailgate.

I refinished a chair to go in our room which is actually the chair my mom used to rock me in when I was a baby!

I also painted a board to use a chalk board/picture holder.

And it's done!

I made some more decorations with the sea shells I picked up on our beach vacation.

We ran to Hobby Lobby and I found a ton of items 80% off!

Things started going together nicely!

This will get hung up someday!

Our sweet home away from home!
Matt got a really nice shot of the moon reflecting off the lake as we headed back home. It was so pretty!

Well friends, we are all vacationed out and getting back to normal. Sometimes normal is just what we need! Have a great weekend!!
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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Southeast Road Trip: Day 9

Well friends, here we are. The final day of our trip. We slept in a little on this day since we got in so late the night before. Then we had to pack our bags! Moving into a rental car for a week made it really difficult to pack everything especially because our suitcase broke! We had plans to buy a new one, but never got that done on the trip. Luckily, I had brought a few extra small bags for our beach days so we stuffed everything into four small bags!! I have no idea why I didn't take a picture of that. It was a mess! 
We stopped for breakfast at Chick-fil-a, which turned out to be too late because they were already serving lunch!! Lucky for me, they still gave me breakfast food! Another fun fact about our car, the cup holder wasn't even big enough to hold two regular sized drinks!!! Seriously!?! Who would want to drive a car like this?!?!

We arrived in Atlanta and checked out downtown. A ferris wheel in the middle of downtown, how cool!!

We planned to tour the World of Coca-Cola. The park it sat on was very pretty.

We enjoyed our first of many free bottles of Coke!

We enjoyed the tour. It was very interesting! We learned tons of new facts.

There was entire art gallery devoted to Coke!

And here are several of the Olympic torches used.

Also, the vault that holds the secret recipe!!

There was also a 4D movie and several old commercials to watch while we were there. We ended up spending most of the day there while sampling flavors of Coke from around the world. The gift shop sold Coke bottles decorated for every event possible!

We also left with our own glass bottle souvenirs. 

After the tour, we headed over to Olympic Park.

If Atlanta is looking for a new ad picture for the city, I think they could use this one!

We also headed over to the CNN building.

Look at all those flags! We were in heaven practicing naming all those countries!!

We also ran over to see where the Hawks play.

Here they are building the new Georgia Dome. So many cranes!

Outside the Hawks stadium. What a cool front! I hardly noticed it said "ATLANTA" until I did a double take!

We headed to the airport and dropped off our car. 3500 miles!! I think that ended up being more miles than our last road trip to Canada!

The day after we got back we put our new pictures onto our map. We could not have done it sooner! We were so excited!! Now you can see it too as I have been talking about it when writing about our entire trip.

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