Sunday, March 22, 2015

Joel and Jess Visit

Well friends, so much for getting caught up! One of these days I will get back on track. It has been one crazy week for us. Almost anything that could break did, and our March Madness bracket isn't looking too good already. I know because I get updates from my sister, the scorekeeper, who also just so happens to be in the lead...
Before all that happened we had a wonderful time with our friends Joel and Jessica. Today is the perfect day for me to recap that to remind me of all the good that is happening!

They came on Friday night. Before they got here, my aunt DeDe arrived to drive my grandparents back home after a winter in the desert. We went out for Mexican and enjoyed some good company before picking up our friends. Once Joel and Jess arrived, we took them to a local rooftop bar to enjoy the weather. The next morning we woke them up super early to go on a hike. Jess had been asking to go to the Grand Canyon because she has never been. For weeks we were telling her we couldn't go because it was too far. We planned to go to Sedona instead. After a few hours in the car, Joel couldn't keep his mouth shut anymore. He HAD to spill the beans!! SURPRISE!!! We were in fact going to the Grand Canyon!

I don't think I will ever get over how gorgeous and spectacular this place is!

We hiked down about two hours and turned around. I was expecting it to take twice as long to come up, but we made it in about the same amount of time.

We stopped in Flagstaff for some pizza on our way home. It was delicious and much needed! We were plenty tired and it was only their first day here. 

Sunday we took them to a Spring Training game, Rockies (Matt's team) and Royals (Joel's favorite team, and Matt's second favorite team-however that part was not shared). It was HOT!! We brought a blanket and sat out on the berm. Somehow the Rockies pulled out a win, first one I've ever witnessed...

After the game, it was time to cool off so we took them to our favorite dessert shop, Bahama Buck's. We have upgraded to the avalanche size now when we go. It's HUGE!!!!

Monday my grandparents were leaving to head back to Nebraska. We celebrated with one last meal. It was so nice having them down here for a while!
Tuesday night we took Joel and Jess to TopGolf. We had so much fun! 

It was St. Patrick's Day. As you can tell, some of us did our part in celebrating the holiday! ;)

On our way back we took Joel to his fist visit to Chick-fil-a. I could eat that every day!!!!

It was so great to have some more friends to entertain. We hope they enjoyed themselves and will come back again soon! We are welcoming warm weather down here. This weekend we drained, cleaned and refilled our pool. 

If it would have been full, I really think I would have gotten in. Well I did get in, but it was only up to my ankles so I'm not sure if it counts. I guess my promise of waiting until May might get broken soon! We also spent Saturday at the Chandler BBQ Festival. There was BBQ from all over the US. We enjoyed some mighty fine BBQ and The Eli Young Band concert with some friends. 

Have a great week!


A couple weekends ago we planned to catch up on life and relax. Matt's aunt called us on Saturday to ask if we wanted to come out for a Jeep ride. I knew Matt couldn't say no to that. I always have my reservations because you never know how crazy of a Jeep ride it is going to be!
We ended up taking a trip out to the mines. We saw some pretty neat stuff with this excavator topping the charts.

The road led us to a clearing where a small ranch was set up where we ate our lunch. It was so pretty!

I think if I changed these pics to black & white, they would be pretty spectacular!

Some in our group saw a huge rattlesnake. I'm so glad we didn't end up in that group! We made it back safely with no scary animal sightings. We enjoyed some steaks and a little fire before heading home.

It was much more relaxing being there than trying to not do anything at home. I'm so glad they invited us!! Last weekend we had some friends in town that I am currently writing up. Stay tuned!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Mariah's Wedding

A few weekends ago we were back in Nebraska for another cousin wedding. Matt and I were both a little apprehensive to visit Nebraska in February. They were getting hit with cold up until the day we got there. Nevertheless, we were excited to see everyone and for Mariah to get married!!
We arrived Friday morning. I joined the girls for a little shower. They had gotten their nails done and then we headed to lunch. We also got to go look at the reception hall. It was gorgeous! Here were the sneak peek pics I took. 

So pretty right?! I wish I would have taken a picture when the cake table was all finished-it was probably my favorite part and not just because it was full of goodies all night!

That night we went to the rehearsal followed by a dinner. Rehearsal went well, and the meal was DELICIOUS!! The only picture I took that night was a screenshot of a Snapchat from my mom and aunt. I will spare them and not post it! 
Saturday morning I was getting ready, and my city slicker "farmer" was headed out into the field. I really enjoy the contrast in this picture-Matt in his "work clothes" with my bridesmaid's dress in the background (not intentional), and of course Nolan looking on thinking Matt looks ridiculous! ;)

I headed up to the church to get ready and start taking pictures. Everyone was looking gorgeous! I had to get a couple shots with some of my favorites!! We were matching!


And of course one with my beautiful sisters! When did they grow up!?! I think Atlee has grown five inches since Christmas! Watch out, Jadyn!

I found another new member of our family! We were just celebrating their wedding a few months ago! I felt so short standing next to her!!

And as usual, a selfie with my favorite brother.

And when you all get dressed up, you have to take lots of pictures, right?!

ALL of the Peterson cousins! We keep growing!!

I really wanted to be Elsa for Halloween for last year. I think this dress would be PERFECT for it!! It was SSSOOO pretty! I am glad I held off. I may have to snag this from home and use it this year!

Don't we look fun?! Haha, don't let us fool you!!
The wedding went off without a hitch. Then we headed over to the reception.
Look at all of us cousins-married!!

Yes, is was cold!! But not nearly as bad as it could have been. I think it was the coldest when we were outside taking pictures!
Aren't these earrings gorgeous? Mariah has impeccable taste. I might be stealing her idea and wear them for another wedding I am in this summer..

Again, the trip was too short. It was so great to see everyone. One of these trips we will actually stay long enough to be able to sleep in one day!