Sunday, September 13, 2015

Happy Fall!

I hope you are all getting to experience some fall weather. We have had a few days below 100 degrees so we are getting ready to start spending time outside again! Fall is sought out for here in Arizona as it leads to more manageable temperatures. With fall comes football. I delved into fantasy football this season by joining two leagues!! My first team started off really well on Thursday night thanks to Tom Brady, but it looks like I am going to lose that game. Maybe my other team will have more luck...
One of my co-workers texted me Friday morning this link. She told me to go check it out if I had time. Well Matt and I made time to explore the Healing Field in honor of September 11th. It was incredibly humbling.

There was a flag and information regarding every person that lost their life that day.

We have almost lived in our house for one year. I decided it was time to add a few decorations. I think I finally found some greenery I liked to add to our kitchen.

I have been wanting to redo an old dresser to sit below our TV stand. We set out on our journey this weekend. We found one that also came with a night stand we decided would be perfect to practice on. We did a little research and got to work! Here it is following sanding and hammering.

And here is our (nearly) finished product!

Now that we have enough confidence in what we are doing, we are moving onto the dresser!
I also put out our fall decorations. It was so fun, but it went too fast! I wish I could decorate our house every day, but then I would probably not enjoy it as much.

Enjoy your week!!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day

Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! I hope you all relaxed a little bit with some friends and/or family. We began our weekend with Husker football. Matt was watching College Game Day and saw an add for free Pizza Hut pizza. We were all over that! We tried the new sauce they put over the top. Have you guys tried it? It was awesome!

We headed to Old Town Scottsdale to a Husker bar to watch the game. It was exciting!...Well until the last second of course...but that's okay.

On Labor Day we took off and completed the Apache Trail.We were planning on doing a hike so this was a little bit of a different change of pace for us. We drove past Superstition Mountain and were reminiscing about the time we hiked that whole thing. It was pre-blog, but it may be something I should write up. It was intense! 

We drove along the Apache Trail, finding many photo ops!

We drove past Canyon Lake. It looked very fun!

The lake didn't seem too busy. I think we may have to try that out next time!

We stopped at the town of Tortilla Flat and did a little window shopping.

We continued on our drive.

This is where it got really exciting! :)

We followed a dirt road the rest of the way. Some parts were very steep and others were very curvy.

It's still going!

We made it to the bottom!

Here is a look at Apache Lake.

Then we arrived at Roosevelt Dam.

We stopped to eat our lunch along Roosevelt Lake.

It was very fun to take another little day trip. We are finally getting some temperatures under 100 which are making me VERY excited to go outside again. Enjoy the rest of your short week!