Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Celebrating my Birthday

My mom and grandpa came down over the weekend to help me celebrate my birthday! It was so nice to have them here! I got home on Friday to some beautiful flowers.

We also watched a gorgeous sunset.

Saturday morning we headed out to Schnepf Farms and had the best time! Matt started tweeting at the owner who came over and talked with us for a while. She and all the other employees were so sweet!

We went to go take a look at some of the animals

Matt was clearly having a great time!

We also got to meet Buster the Holstein/Longhorn mix, and he was ginormous! 

Matt then became the goat whisperer in the petting zoo.

One of the ladies that was working let us bounce on the kangaroo jumper, and it might have been my favorite part of the day!

It kind of looked like a blob but bounced like a trampoline. It was seriously so fun!!

Then we walked over to the u-pick garden

We picked an assortment of fresh lettuce and lavender.

We headed to the general store and picked up some other goodies. There were some little boys playing hockey on the ice rink. The owner said some weekends some of the big guys come to play so we may be back to watch some more fun!

Then we headed over to the Olive Mill to take a look around and buy some more fun stuff!

While we were in Queen Creek, we also made a stop at The Pork Shop to pick up some meat for later.

Throughout the day, Matt showered me with gifts! Most of them were stuff we bought the week before, but it was kind of fun to open them up again! ;) 

We put out our fresh lavender. One of the workers told us how to make lavender lemonade so when it dries out, I might give that a chance.

We made dinner using all of our fresh ingredients we bought earlier that day. It was seriously so good! Matt made the best pork loin I think I've ever had!

My mom and I also went to go get my favorite gelato. While we were there we found a cake shop to get some cake pops that were also delicious!!

We had such a fun time celebrating with many family members.

Sunday after church we headed to brunch at The Perch. It was a beautiful morning!

Sunday evening we went to a birthday party for one of my old clients. They knew how to throw a party!!

The food was delicious, and it looked like all of the kids had a blast!

They also gave us some major party favors! 

It was a pretty fun way to end the weekend. We then ran down to get some Bahama Bucks because you can't have some of your favorite people down for the weekend and not go to one of your favorite places! 

So ends my birthday celebration and now we are back to real life for a few days. Nolan will be here starting this weekend so look for more fun to come!

Monday, January 25, 2016

All About Matt

As I was writing this post, I realized it was pretty much all about Matt! So it should be entertaining!
For those of you that didn't get my snapchat,

And that is all you need to know! ;)
We finally bought a grill!! We decided to go big and get a Traeger. Someone was a little excited...
And what was the first thing we grilled on it????

You guessed it: a frozen pizza! Only because the meat wasn't thawed in time. Don't worry, we have also made steaks. I think it will be a great addition to our pool parties this summer.

Matt transitioned to his very own office at work a few weeks ago so we decided it was finally time to decorate.

Here is what we came up with!

The black rectangle is his new dry erase board! Cool, right!?

We also used our new Nebraska cutting board. This is Huskers N Arizona to the fullest!

We are just about all caught up back in real time. My grandpa and mom were in town for my birthday over the weekend so hopefully I will get that posted sometime this week. Have a great week!

Friday, January 22, 2016

The college football National Championship was held in Phoenix. Like with the Super Bowl last year, they had another block part in downtown Phoenix. First we went to check out the Tuft & Needle showroom. They are revolutionizing the mattress business, and the company was built in Phoenix. I felt like I was in San Francisco, it was very hipster, but they were super nice. The showroom is currently in the warehouse district. After we signed in, they told us we could have all the free bagels and tea we wanted!

They had individual rooms we were able to go in and check out the mattresses. We plan to buy one soon so I will let you all know what we think of it, but so far it seems pretty good!
Then we headed downtown to check out to action and enjoy the energy.
Some were ice skating at City Scape. 

Here is their main stage where they had the concerts.

We saw the Budweiser Clydesdales. 

We watched as they gave a police escort to the horses. We turned around and exchanged pleasantries with Jesse Palmer!

They did not have nearly as many free things this year, but the stuff they had was better quality. We got free Dr. Pepper, some glasses, Chick-fil-a sandwiches and coupons for more Chick-fil-a! We also chatted with a retired Clemson professor for a few minutes. It was such a fun night to experience all the hype of college football.

Also, I hadn't walked much the entire week, in fact I got in more walking in one day as I got in the whole  week!