Friday, September 23, 2016

Fish Tacos with Mango Salsa

Friends, I made some delicious fish tacos the other day, and I had to share them with you! I know I haven't posted too many recipes lately. You can always check out my pinterest boards to see what I have been cooking!
This serves enough for 2-4 fish tacos

What you need:

2 large frozen fish fillets (I used cod)
1 c. diced mango (can be frozen or fresh)
1/4 c. finely chopped red onion
1 T. fresh lime juice
1 T. chopped fresh cilantro
1/8 t. salt
1 jalapeno pepper, seeded and minced

What you'll do:

Cook frozen fish as directed on package. 
While fish is cooking, mix together next six ingredients. Set aside or place in fridge to help meddle flavors together. 
Fry tortillas in frying pan if desired before eating.
Cup up fish and assemble onto tortilla. Add about 2 T. of mango salsa.
So simple and fresh tasting! We served ours with quinoa tabbouleh. You could also use fresh fish if you are feeling extra classy. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Parent's Getaway weekend

Last week I was excitedly awaiting my mom's visit for the weekend. When I got to the airport to pick her up, my dad walked out with her!! It was such a wonderful surprise! Their flight was a bit delayed but we ran over to Ice Cream Sammies for some yummy dessert! We sat out back to enjoy the beautiful backyard and first night of perfect weather.

Saturday morning we took a hike at our favorite South Mountain trail.  

Matt and I were twinsies in our Concordia shirts!

Made it to the top! 

Matt was super excited to wear his new Nebraska shirt from Left on Dodge Supply Co. which is a business our very best friends started!

Go Huskers!

My dad and Matt headed out to a Husker bar to watch the game. They even got to release balloons after the first touch down!

My mom and I went up to junk in the trunk vintage market. There was so much to see!

I ended up with several goodies! It was so hard to choose!

Saturday night we headed to TopGolf. It's my dad's favorite place!! The moon was huge as it was rising in the night.

Then we were off to my mom's favorite place, Bahama Buck's!

Sunday they surprised me with going to the Cardinal's game! The boys played some catch before we left.

We set up a fun little tailgate and had a few other fans stop by.

Matt smoked the most delicious brisket yet!

As we were walking to our seats I couldn't help but get a picture of this guy's jersey as he was walking with his family, Beer 30.

We sat up pretty high and were able to see really well! We got there just in time for starting lineups. It was insane!

We could feel the fire from our seats; I can't imagine what it felt like on the field!

The first half was crazy! The Cardinal's were crushing it! 

The game was lots of fun! On our way out, Matt got stopped by one of the security guards.

Here he is-taking him away!

Actually he noticed Matt's Husker shirt, and he was a retired superintendent from Nebraska! We had lots of mutual friends. It is always fun to meet a fellow Nebraskan which happens fairly regularly as Matt wears Husker gear as often as he can!
I had such a great time with my family!! I hope another visit happens soon! ;)
As always, thanks for reading, friends!

This popped up as my verse of the day on Monday, and I felt it was too good to not to share.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

All Things Fall

I totally get it's only the beginning of September, and the temperature is still in the triple digits here. But inside, I'm pretending it's fall. And here is what we have been up to this fall! 
I bought myself an adult coloring book in July, and I finally finished the first picture!

My friend posted this on instagram, and I noticed my brother and husband were pretty front and center in this shot!

Another friend told me about this new ice cream sandwich place so close to our house. We decided to check it out, and I am so glad we did!

Delicious!! I got everything-double chocolate chip cookie, peanut butter cookie, animal cookie ice cream, and sprinkles! Matt was a little more traditional and went with chocolate chip everything...
One of my clients asked me this the other day, and I had to tweet about it.

I thought it was hilarious! She is always full of funny comments!
With the start of fall means the beginning of football. Our front yard is ready for the Huskers! We watched the first game at a Husker bar filled with Husker fans!

I have been looking to get a lantern to go outside since we bought our house...I finally found one!!

The Sunday of Labor Day weekend we headed up north for the day to an arts and crafts festival in Pine. After we shopped, we took a short hike.

The weather was 79 degrees and perfect! The scenery was gorgeous. It was only about an hour and a half away from home. I think we will be up there more often!

Matt and I both took Labor Day off and enjoyed our first hike in the valley for the season!

We headed to the main trail head at South Mountain along with everyone else in our town. We happened to see some of our friends before we took off so we stalked them along our whole hike!

Oh South Mountain, how we have missed you! We are ready for the cooler weather to enjoy our Saturday morning hikes again!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Fall Decor

September 1st arrived, and I was too giddy to keep our fall decorations hidden in the closet. I saw my neighbor had put hers up inside, so I figured I could too!! I also decided I should invest in really nice fall decorations because it is acceptable to keep them up from September 1st to Black Friday! Nevertheless, enjoy our fall decor!
I feel like I finally have enough pumpkins to start a pumpkin collection! I thought I would buy one new one per year, well I think I've gotten at least five this year!

Our entryway is adorned with a little fall decor. I got the green pumpkin as a shower gift. The large pumpkin was won through a gift exchange during Matt's family Christmas last year.

I think this is my new favorite sign!! New favorite fall colors?? I just love the design and use of colors!

I found lots of new signs to add this year including the "gather" sign. I got the purple pumpkins at Hobby Lobby last year.

I had these prints last year, but the pumpkins are new. The one with white came from Michael's, and the skinny one I found at an arts and crafts festival in Pine over Labor Day weekend.

Our "welcome" sign came back up, and lanterns got changed.

This was my best steal: I found these pumpkins at the dollar store! They are tiny and cute!

Found this cookbook holder in the dollar section at Target. I suppose I could leave it up all year if it is covered with a cookbook the rest of the year.

Another shower gift I have been using for four years now!

More new signs I changed out on our decorated half wall.
I still have a few more things to put out like change my new chalkboard to "Happy Fall", and put my outside decorations up. I think I may wait until the first day of fall....or they may go up later today!