Monday, July 17, 2017

Mom and Atlee visit!

My mom and Atlee visited over the weekend. Since Jadyn is still in China they thought it was time for a quick vacation for themselves. We had a great time! They got in Friday night, and we shared our yummy delicious ice cream we had last weekend!
Saturday we ran to do a little baby shopping, and then headed out to Saguaro Lake. We booked a cruise on the Desert Belle. The views were gorgeous!!

It was pretty hot, but the breeze helped a lot. And of course my spray fan I take with me everywhere!

We stopped at Bahama Buck's on our way home to help us cool off. Then we enjoyed some pool time!
That night we headed to the mall for dinner. We made a quick stop for Atlee to get her ears pierced!! We have been waiting on this for 4 1/2 years. It was a fun experience! 

Here we go! 

A little bit nervous! 

One down! 

And done!

We enjoyed The Cheesecake Factory that night. I now have enough leftovers for the whole week! Sunday we headed to church and then lunch at Cheddars. The girls got pedicures and did a little shopping. We also went to The House that night, and we all had a good laugh. We spent Monday morning running errands, and then they headed back to the rain storm that afternoon. Such a fun, but too quick trip!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

4th of July and summer life

Hey there, friends! Here is a quick little update on our life!
We spent the last two weekends at Diamondbacks' games! You would think we were becoming real fans. Two weekends ago my friend, Lea, and her husband, Jeff, invited us to go watch a game with them because their kids were out of town. We had lots of fun! Towards the end of the game we moved over to the bleacher seats, right behind the pool.

The next weekend the Rockies were in town so Matt really wanted to see them play. We headed down to the stadium on Saturday night, but they were actually sold out! I'm sure it will be the only game all season. We ended up at a sports bar that had a really cool atmosphere. We went back Sunday afternoon for the final game in the series which ended up being a much better game to watch!
We have also been excitedly preparing for baby Benson. Are you getting anxious to see the nursery?? It's not quite ready yet, but here is a sneak peek of Matt when we put the crib together.

Matt has been King of Home Projects lately. I simply asked him to clean the shower for me real quick.... 

Four days later our entire shower has been re-caulked, and yes, it is clean!

We hosted a 4th of July pool party and BBQ. I woke up that morning with almost no red, white, and blue things prepared. I found this printable online and made a banner real quick! 

I did have this up!

I remembered I had this blanket I made several years ago so I put that out, too.

I had picked up these napkins a couple weeks ago.

I found a recipe that morning for a red, white, and blue drink I could actually indulge in!

A lady in one of my Facebook groups posted something similar to this, and I already had a few of the ingredients. So when I ran to the store I got the rest and whipped this up real quick, too!

Another printable I found last minute, and then I used the rest of the fruit to make patriotic water!

We had a great time relaxing and enjoying the company of our friends!

Matt had gotten an email from Waymo (the self-driving google cars) that they would be at our local park for the 4th of July celebration before the fireworks. Matt really wanted to go talk to them so we headed down there to do just that. After he was done, we headed back home. It was so hot!! I was fanning myself on a bench the entire time so we didn't wait around for the fireworks.

We enjoyed a date night Saturday with Italian food and maybe the best ice cream we've ever had. Other than that, it's been a few baby projects here and there scattered between our time in the pool. I will be sure to post more baby things soon!