Thursday, July 30, 2015

Murray wedding

Well I promised I would document my trip to Angela's wedding so here we go! I took a trip up to Schuyler to help them decorate. It was such an awesome day!! They had done all of the big stuff the day before so I just got to help with all the little details! It was gorgeous!

Angela had this really cute idea for the entrance I was able to help her with!

I also got to work on the first few tables everyone saw when they walked in.

Angela's sister, Sarah, is such a talented calligrapher. I cannot believe how amazing she is! You can see some of her work below.

Seriously!? How do you free hand this?

Such cute place settings!

The cake table was also so adorable. It was missing a few pieces when I took the picture, but you get the idea.

And seriously, how adorable are these forks!?! If the Murrays are not using these every single day I will be seriously upset!

We also got our nails done while I was there. It was nice to have a little relaxing time!

Such decisions helping the bride choose her nail color!

We came back on Friday for the rehearsal dinner. The church was so cute! It was out in the middle of the country on the top of a hill. So pretty!

They took us out for a hay-rack ride.

We got to sit next to the bride and groom!!

Saturday was the big day. It was so gorgeous! Everything went so well. Their pictures will turn out gorgeous!

What a happy groom!

Here is a little better picture of the cake table with the happy couple.

Our flowers looked so pretty!

The toasts were all great.

Then Patrick and his friends got up to sing a little song from high school.

I also got to see another friend from OT school, Stacey.

We <3 OT!

Welcome to the married club, Murrays!!

Patrick grew up in D.C. so there was quite a bit of culture differences. I think they were pleasantly shocked at a few of the Nebraska things they got to see. I was also surprised they had a few of their own to share. I am going to call this the chair dance. 

Basically the guys danced around in a circle on the back of folding chairs.

It was very comical!

We also got to see our good friend, Rob! It was great to catch up with a few friends.

Angela was so beautiful, the reception was gorgeous, and it seemed like everyone had a great time. Can't wait to see the Murrays again soon!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Vacation Time

Hey everyone! Hope summer is treating you well. :) It may seem like we have been really busy since I am a bit behind on my blogging. Never fear, the next two weeks I should be all caught up! Last summer we took the best road trip. If you missed that, you can read about it starting HERE. This year, we went back to Nebraska for a friend's wedding, see friends and family, and get out of the heat for a little while. 

We found out the first day we left the power went out in our neighborhood. It was out for 18 hours!! Then they turned it back on, and it went out again on Saturday afternoon. I guess it was a great time for us to be away. So while we could have been there stuck in the heat, we were out having fun!

We spent the first weekend at the lake. It was very busy due to the fourth of July, but we managed to get a little jet skiing in.

We caught the fireworks at the lake on the third. I thought we looked a little redneck...What do you think?

We had a great view of the fireworks!

The next day on the fourth, Matt was ready to get in on the spirit!

We headed back up to the lake to watch the Dog Parade. Yes, it is as awesome as it sounds! My parents are building a new cabin so we had to clean up the driveway a bit before we could put our chairs out to watch. 

Matt was super excited, and also possibly embarrassed I posted these pictures.

So this is the 16th year of the dog parade I believe. Don't worry, I documented most of the parade for your viewing.

So cute!! Lots of kids and animals. 

We headed back to Bertrand and finally purchased our fireworks. We love snaps!

We then immediately went home to shoot off our fireworks. We each got our own box of snaps! haha, we are pretty fun! :)

We headed into town to watch the fireworks for the fourth. Again we had a great view.

We spent the next few days doing various things. Matt helped Nolan on the farm. We were able to go see quite a few friends and family. So sorry if we missed you! We also headed back to the lake for more fun. It was much less busy during the middle of the week.

Matt chose to sit lay in the front of the boat when we went out for a ride.

They did a little wake boarding,

and skiing.

My mom was out for a bike ride while we were on the boat.

We came back to light up our last firework, the lantern.

Unfortunately, the wind was blowing about 50 miles per hour so this was all the further it got before it ripped into pieces...

I also went out to help Nolan work.

And we helped him haul some pipe.

We were the best pipe hauling crew ever! Well at least the most entertaining for sure.

We spent the last few days of our trip at my friend, Angela's wedding. I will document more of that in my next post. Talk to you again soon! :)