Sunday, June 22, 2014

Celebrate Good Times

Hello friends. We are still surviving the heat; in fact we are enjoying it. A few exciting things have happened to us this week. On Tuesday Matt sent me a text saying something exciting was happening at work. I was so excited as soon as I got off fieldwork I ran to Target for some celebratory things. Some great wife skillz here. 

 I went all out-took the cookies out of the package and popped them in the oven. They were on the plate just before Matt walked in the door. Yes, great (cheating) wife skillz, I know. But let me tell you, those cookies were AMAZING!!!! Coincidentally, the same day I bought some champagne and cookies to celebrate, the first smell text was sent. It was, you guessed it-champagne and cookies.

So I suppose you are wondering what the exciting news was all about. Well let me share. Since Matt performed exceptionally well (bragging wife moment) on his Series exams, he will be teaching his new colleagues to help them prepare for their exams. I am so excited for him! He will be such an excellent teacher. This is so up his alley!! He will do that for a couple months, and then who knows? CEO....? 

I also finished my fieldwork this past week. Yes, I am DONE FOREVER!!! I have completed 21 years of school, and I cannot believe it is done! To show my thankfulness for my amazing supervisor I made her a wreath. I was so excited-she loved it! It was nice to get back to crafting. 

So with all our great news this week, we headed to Scottsdale to celebrate. We were going to try a fancy place but instead settled on an incredible burger joint we will definitely frequent. 

As we were walking around we saw the biggest cockroach ever! I know it is dark, but do you see this thing!?!

Then we found some live music and enjoyed the rest of the evening. It was nice to get out for a change of pace. 

Saturday we were planning to finally go see 22 Jump Street. Matt had gotten some free movie passes at work, and the theater still wouldn't let us use them. So instead, we found a little more live music and then headed to Dave & Buster's for game night. We were really excited we found a Wheel of Fortune game and won TONS of tickets-like 400+ in one round! Our old timer ways of watching Wheel of Fortune nightly really paid off for us!   

We finished off with some ski ball, basketball and Guitar Hero. We used some of our winnings to get some candy and enjoyed it by the fire. 

Today we did get a chance to catch 22 Jump Street-with our free passes. It was of course, as great as I was expecting. The whole theater was lolling like crazy during the entire movie. Hope you all had a great week! We also started making our second batch of wine-Apple Jack. It should be ready just in time for apple cider season. Even though I will miss my fieldwork, I am much looking forward to the break in action, and hopefully, more frequent blog posts!

Saturday, June 14, 2014

A week of strawberries

Hi friends! Long time, no chat. We have been somewhat busy doing boring adult things. Not much fun to share. Let me fill you in.

Last Friday we celebrated National Donut Day by trying out a new wave of doughnut shops-Fractured Prune. We watched them bake the doughnut right in front of us, and then we chose the icing and topping. My favorite was probably s'mores, but the strawberry shortcake was a close second. So yummy!


Last Saturday we volunteered with some of Matt's colleagues at Feed My Starving Children. 

We spent one quick hour putting food together and filling them into boxes as fast as we could. We had a great time. 

Our group packed over 100 boxes to send overseas to malnourished children.

Last night we went to Usery Mountain Pass for a Full Moon Hike under the strawberry moon. We took a two mile hike and had a ton of fun. The full moon was awesome, and I even walked with the moon guiding us without a flashlight for a while!

Some of our friends brought a black light and we were able to see some real live scorpions. It was our first encounter with scorpions and hopefully I don't ever get any closer to them than that! I didn't know some of them grew that big! And look at how they glow.

This is my last week of fieldwork, and then I fill be done with school forever!!! I cannot believe it! I will be studying for boards, and then no more studying! It's hard to believe the end of this long, difficult, rewarding journey is almost here.
Also we have started making our own wine from strawberries! It should be done in a few weeks. I will be sure to let you know how it turns out! Stay tuned for some new recipes coming soon! :)