Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Ramsey's First Trip

As I mentioned in our two month blog post, Ramsey went on her first airplane ride! We were back in Nebraska for Thanksgiving.

I thought we had to wear this shirt since Lovie was picking us up from the airport!

My two sleeping babies.

Happy we have almost made it through the flight!

It was pretty cold when we landed so we bundled her up!

We made a stop at great grandma and grandpa's, and they were so excited to meet her. She put on quite the show!

A picture with Lovie and a 'grandma' shirt she got her.

My cousin Jett stopped by to meet up about some farming matter, but we let him hold Ramsey, too!

Monday morning we headed off for a big day of driving to Lincoln and Omaha. Ramsey was a champ!

She met her great grandma Martin, and I promise she enjoyed it more than it looks like in this picture.

If we had to drive all the way to Omaha you better believe I made sure we stopped to see uncle Patrick and aunt Angela! They were so sweet with her, and we can't wait to snuggle their little one this spring!

I was taking pictures of Ramsey the next morning and I'm telling you I have seen baby pictures that look exactly like this of me! So for all of you that say Ramsey looks like me, you are correct!

My mom pulled out some toys she had leftover from my siblings and Ramsey loved this Sesame Street activity gym!

My aunt and uncle gave her this awesome coat which was used several times on our trip!

Aunt Atlee had a basketball exhibition while we were back so Ramsey went to her first basketball game. She loved it! She also got to meet more of my cousins and London was so excited that Ramsey was holding her finger!

The next day we put on our heavy coats for Ramsey's first tractor ride! 

She really seemed to enjoy the bumpy ride with daddy.

Then we let dad get back to work!

We met up for lunch in town and my dad decided to take her out of her car seat so he got to hold her while he ate!

We took a quick walk around town to the office.

This was our farming day so the whole family got together to take a picture in our Seitec gear.

My mom hosted Thanksgiving so we spent the next couple days preparing for the big day.

Someone was SO cute for Thanksgiving!

It was such a gorgeous day outside!

We snapped a quick picture with aunt Atlee since she helped us pick out this adorable outfit!

The whole crew for Thanksgiving!

My grandma always has a couple gifts up her sleeves so Nolan and Ashton were chosen to open the family gifts.

She also got these adorable singing elephants for Ramsey and Clay. So cute!

After lunch we played a card game Jadyn taught us. The losers got to wear these lovely hats during the next round!

Emerson was SO excited to hold Ramsey!

London took a quick turn, too!

Picture with her cousin Clay and great grandparents!

These two were so cute when we were trying to get a picture of them in their Thanksgiving finest!

Clay must have told Ramsey a joke!

So much love from these little ones!

We had another play date on Friday morning with Breelyn!  

How cute is all her Under Armour gear!?

We also took family photos on Friday, and Ramsey did amazing!!

How cute are these boots?

My sleeping babe! She was worn out from the the excitement and attention.

Saturday Sheridan took us girls out for lunch and we ran into Creighton. A picture to prove we have now met everyone in my family!

We left on Saturday, but uncle Nolan needed to hold Ramsey one more time before we left! I think she was waving bye to everyone!

Ramsey did much better on the flight back home. It was a BIG trip for her which was good preparation for Christmas!

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Ramsey is Two Months

It's hard to believe Ramsey turned two months last week! Here is a look back at the past couple weeks.

I was so excited when this bow arrived in our bow box at the beginning of November. I am so glad I found a top to wear it with!

Haha, her face makes me laugh!

Doing some tummy time with daddy!

Aunt Erica came to visit and we got more fun snapchat filtered photos!

So cute for church!

We took Ramsey to her first festival in downtown Chandler, and we played corn hole as well as checked out all the vendors.

As we were leaving the festival, we noticed the tumbleweed tree was beginning to be assembled for Christmas. So festive!

We are a little bit short on time for the holidays this season so we started early. Erica played with Ramsey while we started putting up our outside lights.

We didn't quite finish, but it was a good start!

Such an adorable outfit and super cute face!

Ramsey was showing off on this day making all sorts of cute faces. I sent out lots of fun live photos!

This girl still loves her tummy time!

I also discovered this duck blanket is her favorite thing to look at!

What a ham!

We finished decorating outside with our little Santa helper. :)

How adorable is this elephant hooded blanket? So soft and warm after bath!

Ready to go run some errands with mom.

Currently, this is my all-time favorite picture (even though it is a little blurry)! The live version is even better because she raises her arm up and waves it around. So cute!

I love this bow on her!

We were out of town for her two month birthday so I took her picture early. We tried another new location. One of these times I will start being consistent with her photos!

She was quite the little showoff during our photo shoot.

And then Ramsey took her first plane ride! She has had a busy little life.

She didn't really want to sleep on the plane, but she did pretty good for being eight weeks old.

I will post the rest of the pictures from our trip in my next post which you can read by clicking HERE. Happy two months, little girl!
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