Saturday, March 24, 2018

Ramsey is Six Months

One half year down! This little girl has done A LOT in her six months of life.

Someone was happy to be cheering on the Bulldogs!

We started solids this month. First up, sweet potatoes. She LOVES them!

Would you ever guess we took this picture in Gilbert? 

We had one "really" cold morning when we were greeting at church so I brought out all her winter stuff. She brought lots of smiles to everyone!

I started pulling out some of her 6 month clothes. New PJs for the win!

We started a baby tumbling class, and she totally digs it!

It was very fast paced and hard to get pictures, but hopefully I will start to get the swing of things and can get some more action shots.
Her favorite activity was doing log rolls with mom! But the scooter was a close second!

This girl is LOVING food!!

Sometimes swimming wears her out! She was not impressed with Miss Maddie's singing on this day.

I put on all of her athletic gear today. I call this her "8 Mile" look.

She was excited to let Lovie feed her breakfast!

She is SO READY to crawl!

I brought out lots of new toys this month, and she loves them all!

Her first time in a high chair out for dinner.

We were at Rustler's Rooste with Matt's parents.

She also enjoyed her first Spring Training game. It was the Rockies so I think she made the right choice in sleeping through most of the game ! ;)

She cannot get enough floor time! This train is her favorite!

I guess she didn't think her vegetables were enough this night. Uncle Nolan was excited she wanted to eat beef!

Such a silly girl! She decided to pull her headband down and wear it as a bowtie!

Swimming with daddy!

These faces make me think she is going to be ornery!

But also such a sweetie!

Four generations of fun all in AZ!

She had a great time with Aunt Atlee while she was here!

Ramsey even let Atlee feed her a bottle :)

Looking cute as ever for our neighborhood picnic!

Matt took her down her first inflatable slide.

She wasn't quite sure what to think. 

Neighbor Abby obviously had a blast!

She LOVES being outside!

She has lots of fun looking through her books!

We are doing a light remodel on our kitchen as you will notice the mess in the next few pictures. Ramsey came out to the garage to help mom paint the cabinets! (This lasted for about two minutes.)

I think it's safe to say she has outgrown her swing!

When daddy is away and Autie J is on TV, I let her eat in the living room!

Dressed and ready to cheer on Auntie J in the National Championship game!

Go Auntie J!!!

These two were dancing in the kitchen, and I think they have the exact same facial expression in this picture! 

Out tongue game is still strong.

Miss Independent thinks she needs to be feeding herself!

We had some pictures taken of her at a quick Spring pop-up session. She cooperated well but absolutely refused to smile! Hopefully the photographer got some good ones!

Again, no smile on St. Patrick's Day! 

She was such a good helper while I painted in the kitchen.

Do you think we are going to have a hard time keeping her away from chocolate?!?

A happy girl after sleeping through the night and ready for her six month celebration breakfast!

Fun times swimming with dad!

She is enjoying "play time" during her swim class now!

Happy six months, Ramsey Belle! We love you!