Thursday, September 7, 2017

Baby Benson's Safari Nursery

The time is here for me to share pictures of our safari nursery for our baby to be! We are days away from baby's arrival and everything seems to be in place. The day  wee early morning hours I found out I was pregnant, I designed the nursery. We knew we didn't want to find out the gender so the nursery would have to be cute in a gender neutral way. Alas, a safari theme with grays, tans, and metallics was created. Without further ado, check out our nursery! We started getting ready on Memorial Day Weekend by painting. Here is what it looked like before:

We painted three walls tan, with a gray stripe accent.

The people that lived here before us attempted to fix a hole in the wall that didn't go so well. Therefore we got to re-patch it!

The final wall was an accent wall we designed and created.

It turned out to be a little more work than I planned.

But the stripes are done, and I love them!!

Next, we put together the crib. It arrived while we were on vacation so our neighbors were so sweet to haul it into the house for us!

I couldn't find a dresser/changing table that I liked so we made our own. We found a dresser on Craigslist and got to work!

And now, onto the nursery. Enjoy!

We have already done some rearranging, but for now this is what we have come up with. 

At both of our baby showers, I requested guests bring a book rather than a card to help us stock our library. We have SO many great books!!

I created an ultrasound banner with pictures of our growing baby. I can't wait to add more pictures of our sweet little babe!

Every time I saw a safari animal I liked, I bought it. The giraffe came from a cool little African shop in Sedona. When our friends, Dan and Yvette, came down for their babymoon, we took them up to Sedona for a day. They also chose to do a safari theme for their nursery so we both felt we had to stop and take a look in the store! She also found a really cute beaded giraffe for their baby's room. The blocks were our sign in at our Arizona baby shower. Now they get to adorn our shelves in the nursery!

More blocks, and some cute metallic animals. The shoes are from Matt's relative, Kaye. She is seriously so talented! How cute are those elephant booties?!

The crib sits in front of the accent wall we painted. I also found some really cute animal prints and sheet set.

How adorable are these animal pillows?!

The blanket was also made by Kaye and again so cute!

The finished dresser/changing table!

I am planning to add a mirror above the changing table after the baby is here and we know the gender.

This was the sign in sheet for my Nebraska shower. Everyone wrote their name on a balloon with their guess of the gender. It will be such a fun memory to hang in our nursery! 

One last look. We are so excited to bring baby Benson home to this room!

We also created our little play area in the living room. We are ready to go!

Yesterday we had a meeting at work and decided to get a picture of all the babies arriving in 2017. There are currently seven girls pregnant at the office (yes SEVEN!!) so we had to get a picture with at least some of us. Clearly I am due any day, and the rest have a little ways to go!

Hope you enjoyed our tour. Next post may just be a picture overload of baby B!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Baby Shower Round 2

Hello, friends! We are putting the final touches on getting ready for baby Benson. We can't wait! Last weekend our wonderful neighbors hosted a couples baby shower for us. We had such a blast, and they went to a ton of work to make this shower so special for us! Take a look!

There was a cute little area for people to sign in.

I had everyone sign in by decorating a block and guessing the gender.

The backyard was set up for some fun, too. It worked out well since we had 45 people there for a while!

We played one fun game of guessing the baby items hidden in each bag that started with the letter on the outside of the bag.

Jenny also set up some other fun activities including a station to write funny messages on diapers!

There were also cards to make predictions about the baby and give us some advice!

A coloring station for the kids to partake in the festivities!

The table decorations were so cute! The bumblebee theme was perfect!

And for the food! It was all SSSOOOO good!

Seriously every square inch was decorated to match the theme!

And for the dessert table. It was my favorite spot!

How awesome is this cake?!? Jenny and I made chocolates so she added the bumblebee ones we made to make the cake even cuter! 

Abby really wanted to be in our picture but refused to take a picture with us!

So she showed off her bumblebee shirt in her own photo!

And my wonderful mom made the trip down to help us celebrate! She was also such a great help before and during the shower. 

Jenny was seriously the best host! She invited tons of people into her home that she didn't know.

Abby was a great host too by sharing her toys with all the other kids!

Vinnie spent most of his time at the grill so this is one of the few photos we had of our other host!

Then our guests arrived and the party got started! :)

It was so nice to have so many friends help us celebrate!

I think the kids had fun playing!

Matt's relative Kaye is ready to step in as our "Arizona grandma" and jumped right in to help when we needed her!

We had lots of Matt's co-workers help us celebrate.

A handful of my co-workers came to celebrate, too!

And we always love when our neighbors celebrate with us!

This baby just keeps growing!

We seriously have some amazing friends. An entire room was filled with gifts!


We had fun opening all the presents.

We also had fun chocolates for everyone to take home as party favors.

We had so much fun. Hope you enjoyed the picture overload! The nursery is almost ready so I will definitely be posting that soon! :)