Monday, February 12, 2018

Southern Arizona Day Trip

Hello everyone! I have a quick post for you today. Last Saturday we took a day trip to southern Arizona. We really didn't have much of a plan, and we had a blast! We drove to Benson to stop for lunch, and of course we had to take a picture with a Benson sign.

The Bensons in Benson!

We headed down to Tombstone not knowing what to expect. We ended up spending most of our day here!

As soon as we got out of the car, we felt like we had taken a step back into the Wild, Wild West!

It was very windy!

We walked around to explore the old town.

We checked out all the stores while all the shop keepers "oohed" and "ahhed" at our gorgeous baby!

There were all sorts of people dressed up wandering the streets. 

Checking out all the old carriages.

It seemed like the thing to do there was to go watch a gun fight so we chose to check out the one at the OK Corral as it was the one we knew about. They also had a display where the actual shoot out occurred.

We learned tons of history on the town of Tombstone and why its slogan is "a town too tough to die." It has burned down twice and been through many economic hardships!

We ended our day in Bisbee to take in the Queen Mine. It is enormous!

They wouldn't let Ramsey take the tour so we went out for dinner instead!

We had such a fun day exploring AZ as a family of three!

And a quick note for our week: Ramsey is having her first Valentine's party at daycare! I had lots of fun making her Valentines! It's so much fun to craft for my daughter.

Happy Valentine's Week!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Ramsey is Four Months

Sometimes I forget I can write other things than posts about Ramsey! I went to make a Christmas post and realized all the pictures were of Ramsey so I decided to wait and use them all for her four month post!
It is crazy to see how much she changes in a month!

We continued our trip in Nebraska, more fun playing with Jadyn and Madalynn!

For Matt's birthday, my mom gave us Husker basketball tickets so Ramsey got to go to her first Husker game. It was SSOO cold walking to the arena!

She had fun!

Matt decided we needed to take her out for a walk the next day. It was a terrible idea-so freezing cold! She was not too interested in being outside!

We opened presents with Matt's family, and I managed to remember to take a picture of all the things she got.

We headed back to my parents' house with a stop in Gibbon to see Megan while she was home from Egypt!

It started snowing just as we were about to Bertrand. Perfect for a white Christmas!

She had lots of tongue action going on at church on Christmas Eve.

My cute family!

We had Christmas Eve with my mom's side at my aunt Heather's. We had lots of fun eating, a gift exchange, and a card game that always ends up being really loud and loads of fun!

This was our attempt to take a family picture in our Christmas jammies-it didn't go so well!

Christmas morning we woke up to presents from Santa!

She had fun looking at her new toys!

We found more presents downstairs!

Such a happy little girl! :)

Lounging around on Christmas Day with uncle Nolan!

We had an ugly sweater Christmas, but we kept this girl looking extra cute!

My dad's side of the family came over for soup, games, and presents. Ramsey made footprint plates for all the grandparents for Christmas. Clay and Ramsey made this cute plate for great grandma Mark!

Having fun on Christmas!

These two had the same facial expression. It's so fun to have a cousin your age at family events!

Jadyn realized she had similar pants to Ramsey so she found hers and put them on to match her favorite niece!

Nolan and Ramsey did lots of hanging out while we were in Nebraska!

She got lots of new clothes for Christmas, but we had to make sure we got a picture in this one first!

She may be the best person to set him up on a date! Any takers?!? ;) She's a great niece!

We headed back towards home to get away from the cold. The weather was AMAZING when we got back to Arizona!

She has been doing some dancing with daddy in the kitchen!

When did my baby get so big? I put her in her swing after we got back from Christmas, and she barely fits in it anymore!

A cute little sailor outfit she wore to church.

Another cute Christmas gift to show off!

We spent New Year's Eve at Jenny and Vinnie's. She was so cute and extra fun!

Giving me the side eye!

Another cute outfit to wear from Christmas.

She really likes to play with her new oball. One thing that was good about all those hours in the car, she figured out how to hold toys and bring them to her mouth.

Working on sitting up!

Everyone at church thought she was too cold as we were greeting so we went and got her a new stocking hat to wear. It's so cute!

My beautiful flower child

More fun with her oball.

Ready for more swimming, but so very tired!

Getting better at sitting up on her own!

We started sitting her in her high chair. She likes it for a few minutes!

Such a cutie in her new sunglasses!

I have been waiting to put her in this shirt!

Another day in our Under Armour gear!

Having a fun night at home hanging out with mama!

My wide-eyed beauty!

Seriously how can you not smile when looking at this?!

Ready for a walk!

Another new Under Armour shirt from Mr. Phil.

She started daycare this month, and this is what she wore on her first day!

She was extra happy!

Doing some tummy time before daycare day #2.

Our daycare has an app that can send me updates throughout the day so they sent this picture for me. It's very helpful because I miss her so much!

She even slept in the crib for them at daycare long enough to get a picture!

She is still loving swimming lessons! It ended up being daddy/baby swim night.

Swimming with her "muscles".

Having fun during party time!

Such a cutie!

More fun pictures!

We attended a princess birthday party. Elsa and Belle kept the girls entertained.

Ramsey had fun watching.

Good practice before we plan a trip to Disney.

We had to get a picture of Belle with our Ramsey Belle!

This girl is so happy!

These sunglasses make me smile!

Another hike, this time at San Tan.

She currently hates the baby carrier so we ended up carrying her about 75% of the way. It was not as easy, but she had fun!

Hanging out at the top!

Family photo!

Ramsey wore her stocking hat for greeting at church, and she kept me nice and warm!

She is such a busy girl, sometimes she needs to sleep!

She loves her butterfly toy. We keep it in the car so she gets it every time we get in.

Sleeping so soundly again at daycare-always good to see!

The perfect shirt to wear when she is at home with mom on Friday!

So cute with her new boots!

Helping mom get groceries. She is such a good shopper!!

Working on our model poses. I think we still need a little work!

In our warm weather gear on our coldest day of the year-it was 48 degrees!

Having fun with dad!

These monthly pictures are getting a little bit more difficult as she likes to move around a lot!

She gets her lounging skills from her dad!

See you next month!