Thursday, October 19, 2017

Annual Schnepf Farm Visit

I am interrupting my Ramsey posts for another post. Don't worry, it's mostly still pictures of Ramsey! Last Saturday we made our annual visit to the pumpkin patch with our neighbors. We always have so much fun out there, but I think having Ramsey there this year made it my favorite visit to date. Before we headed to the pumpkin patch our neighbors took a visit to the fire station. Matt is all about learning about stuff like that so I sent him along with them. It looks like he had a great time! 

We met at the farm, ready for fun! 

A couple of dads with their daughters! :) 

Matt was so excited to take Ramsey on her first carnival ride! Starting her young.

Jadyn and Madalynn also got to come with us!

Pit stop for some family pictures!

Our group is growing! 

Then we headed over to the jumping pillows which is my favorite part of the whole farm!

Abby loved jumping with the big girls!

Then we headed over to the pedal cars. Jadyn definitely chose the best seat, although slightly uncomfortable!

Then they raced the single cars. 

We headed to the corn maze, and I had to get lots of pictures of Ramsey's first time in a cornfield for her favorite farmers, Mr. Phil and uncle Nolan. 

Abby's favorite part, the train ride! 

We headed out on a hay rack ride. The driver went so fast!

Then we picked our pumpkins as a family of three!

Another fun trip with lots of memories. Can't wait for the peach festival this spring!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Ramsey Week 3

I am a little late on this post as Miss Ramsey is almost one month old!! Seriously where does the time go?!? She has changed so much already! I will post her at one month with a few pictures looking back at her time on this Earth so far. But for now, let's recap week three!
Matt stayed home with us this Friday, and I caught these two hanging out together. So cute! 

Matt got her dressed and her headband is on point!

Ramsey was looking extra cute for Husker game day. 

Good thing we have Ramsey to keep a smile on Matt's face when the Huskers lose.

Ramsey was all decked out for church with an adorable outfit from her aunties! 

Monday we showed off some more auntie love with this shirt Atlee sent us!

My mom took this video of Ramsey on Tuesday morning. If you have been anywhere near my dad since then, I'm sure you have seen this at least once!


Lovie brought us this super cute Halloween onesie so we thought we better get some use out of it in October! 

I just really enjoy her facial expressions!

Lovie is always busy taking pictures of Ramsey they never get pictures together so we made sure to get one of the two of them!

I decorated more cookie pies for her in preparation for Jadyn and Madalynn's visit.  

We are anxiously awaiting Atlee to be done with cross country so she can come visit! We also sent a cookie back with Lovie to show our support! 

After Lovie headed back home we went to visit Ramsey's newest friend Maddie, who was born to my friend Theresa. We made her a cookie pie as well. The girls mostly slept at their first play date, but I think they will only get more fun! 

More cuteness after our play date! 

I told her Auntie J was coming, and she got excited! 

Relaxing on her Auntie J!

Then she woke up when Madalynn held her! 

We took her on her first outing to Bahama Buck's. How it took me three weeks to get here there, I have no idea! 

She loves being chest to chest so she can lift her head and look around. She has the strongest neck for a newborn that I have ever seen! 

All that working out makes for one tired, peacefully sleeping little girl!

I will post our one month update soon!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Ramsey Week 2

As promised, more Ramsey pics! Here is week two of Ramsey.
Sometimes my family asks for pictures of her and she is often sleeping so this is usually what they get. 

She loves cheering for the Huskers! Ramsey must be their good luck charm. Since she arrived, they are 2-0! She is ready to be a cheerleader! 

Two big Husker fans in the desert!

Her cord fell off so on Saturday morning we were able to take our first "real" bath!

I would like to know what she is thinking when she makes this face!

Saturday afternoon we took a long walk to the park. Matt and I used to walk about 2 1/2 miles everyday in preparation for Ramsey. She finally got to participate on this gorgeous afternoon!

She is always happy to be in tummy time whether its on the floor or chest to chest, she is always wide eyed in this position. 

Our only newborn "girl" outfit!

Jennifer brought her boys over to meet Ramsey. I hadn't made enough cookies so I let them decorate their own!

Sunday afternoons are for football.

We went over to Jenny and Vinnie's to watch football. Abby was healthy again and really excited to hold Ramsey!

Seriously, how cute are these two?!?

Melt my heart!

Jenny took lots of cute pictures of Ramsey while we were over!

My whole world wrapped up in one picture!

Monday Lovie and Mr. Phil came down to see Ramsey so we headed out to pick them up!

The day Ramsey arrived, she quickly became Mr. Phil's favorite person so he was just a little bit excited to meet her!

She is becoming more active and awake during the day! 

But she also loves to sleep! Be still my heart! <3 

Mr. Phil received a onesie from FBN so we were really excited to support our farmers on Monday! Patrick and Angela also sent us these really cute bows that actually fit her!!

She also LOVES to stick her tongue out!

We get lots of pictures of her when the grandparents are in town! ;)

While Ramsey sits around being cute all day, I get to work on writing thank you notes to everyone that is spoiling her. It's nice to finally have gender specific thank you notes!

She still fits into newborn clothes but we started wearing 0-3 months as she has TONS in that size and a lot more gender specific items!

It's hard to get anything done when she rests on me like this, and I am totally fine with that! 

I know this picture is extra blurry, but she is one wild sleeper! She managed to untangle herself from her blanket and turn herself as sideways as she could.

How cute is this headband?! 

Look how much she has changed! The first picture is at two days, the second is at two weeks.

We can't believe how quickly she is changing and are just trying to enjoy every single second of it!