Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Jenny's Baby Sprinkle

 I hosted a sprinkle baby shower for our neighbors, Jenny and Vinnie. 

This post is a little bit late. The baby is due any day now so I suppose it's time to have the shower documented!! Since it was a 'sprinkle' I went with a sprinkle theme for the food and lots of rain drops to decorate. Our two big windows had a sprinkle of blue and green ombre rain drops coming down from the clouds.

Ramsey liked to play with the balloons while I decorated.

I made my first sprinkle cake!

I took very little pictures of the prep, but I did manage to snap this one while Matt was getting ready to cut the strawberries.

Ready to party!

The decorations turned out pretty cute!
The sock line and 'JACK' presents at the entrance of the party.

The sprinkles and clouds at one of the windows.

'It's a boy' banner with sonograms beneath a blue umbrella because you always need an umbrella when it might sprinkle!

More sprinkles for some of the table decor.

We played a couple games including The Price is Right

and there was a station to make an alphabet book for Jack with each guest creating one letter page.

As usual, I made tons of food!

These little salad dressing shots were so fun!

A veggie train for the little boy!

and fruit in a sprinkle cup.

And of course there had to be sprinkle rimmed glasses for our baby blue punch.

The dessert table was filled with all things blue and sprinkled!

Even Ramsey had on sprinkle pants! She is quickly learning how to be a great hostess!

We set up some water fun for the little girls out front.

They had a blast!

We played games inside.

Then the girls came inside to play in Ramsey's room.

These two are just the sweetest!

We played Baby Bingo while opening gifts. They got so many cute things!

And we had a photo booth!

All the guests went home with sprinkle goodie bags, sprinkle sunglasses for the kids,

and sprinkled pretzels and customized Kisses for the adults.

We had so much fun, and we can't wait to meet this little guy!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

New Kitchen

As you all probably know, we did a little face lift on our kitchen this spring. I thought it was about time I made a post about it! I tried to take a few 'BEFORE' photos, but our kitchen was a total disaster so I tried to avoid the counter tops!

Our first step was to remove the cabinets and paint them. My favorite little helper tried to 'help' me paint!

We finally had the painting completed, and new hardware put on. The cabinets are done!

Next we picked out new counter tops and had them installed.

One step closer, just needing backsplash.

I was so excited about our sink! (I realized this picture didn't rotate).

After the counter tops dried, we installed our backsplash. It was lots of fun!

Backsplash, done!

We were almost done, but needed to grout the backsplash and put our new outlet covers on. We wanted to make sure we got good 'AFTER' pictures before our kitchen turned into our usual disaster zone so this is how I cooked for a couple days, Instant Pot and Crock Pot.

And here is the finished product!



And here is a more accurate depiction of what our kitchen looks like on a typical day, after it's been kind of cleaned up!

Here is a little BEFORE and AFTER photo of our kitchen facelift!