Sunday, February 25, 2018

Ramsey is Five Months

As I sit here writing this post, a few days late, Ramsey is beside me bouncing on her hands and knees trying to push herself forward! I know every month I say I can't believe how fast she is growing, it's REALLY hitting me this month! We can't get away with not having a child-proofed home any longer. BIG changes are coming our way VERY SOON! So let's get to the pictures because as usual, I have a lot to share!

Ramsey loves looking through books!

One morning we woke up to her happily playing on her tummy in her bassinet. Guess we will have to move her out of here pretty soon!

I put her in my favorite outfit for my birthday!

We had a fun birthday morning!

We enjoyed lots of walks with this gorgeous weather! And seriously is anything cuter than a baby in sunglasses and a kitty hat?

Maybe a baby in sunglasses and a swimsuit??

It's hard to know what our weather is when we are in a swimsuit and a stocking hat in the same day!

I love her!!

She loves being on her tummy!

Her first time trying rice cereal was a success!

My happy babe!

Enjoying a walk at the park!

Such a precious sleeper.

She is starting to enjoy her high chair more and more!

But not nearly as much as she likes her floor time!

I can't believe how much she is growing!

Sometimes she gives me some silly faces.

We took her to her first GCU basketball game!

She was all decked out and ready to go!

This is one of my new favorite pics! So adorable!!

We enjoyed our first trip to the Phoenix Open as a family of three!

Sometimes she does take after her dad!

And since I didn't write a post about the open here are a couple terrible pictures I took. Here's Phil Mickelson

and Rickie Fowler in his signature orange.

Ramsey in her cute new UA pants!

As I mentioned before, she is determined to crawl! I just happened to have my camera out the first time she pulled herself up onto her knees!

Daycare has been going pretty well. She has started putting herself to sleep in a crib.

My dad says this is his new favorite picture because it shoes how ornery she is going to be! All I ask is for her to stay on her blanket or at least the rug, and where does she go? Straight to the tile!

We were extra excited for Valentine's Day this year with a new little girl to love!

I got to make Valentine's for her to take to daycare. It was so much fun!!

I also made Valentine's with my clients and made a couple as practice that Ramsey sent to her Valentine's!

A little Beethoven in the works!

Or maybe a farmer like her uncle Nolan!

We enjoyed our trip to southern AZ. If you missed that post, you can check it all out right HERE.

We made stops in Benson,


and Bisbee which is only about 20 minutes from Mexico. So we almost turned her into an international traveler, but not quite yet.

She is getting so close to sitting up on her own! She wants to be on the move it's hard to practice sitting still.

More piano playing

Our Valentine's babe!

She had a fun day celebrating at daycare. Her teachers loved her Valentine's.

She came home with lots of fun stuff!

We spent our Valentine's evening at the pool. Matt was having a great time with her!

She is figuring out this floating thing-something she did not pick up from her dad!

She is a pro at going under water.

And play time is more fun for her now that she can grab the balls!

She still loves her tongue!

Abby came over with her mom and dad and tried to teach Ramsey how to crawl!

This picture cracks me up! We were getting ready in the morning, and she needed to see what was going on.

Ready for some Husker baseball in Tempe!

She had fun being outside.

She is going to have amazing abs!

She is such a happy girl!

Loving swim class again with daddy!

Happy five months, baby girl!