Monday, April 20, 2015

Good weather, good fun

It is pleasantly warming up here. I got in the pool today for the first time since we've lived here!!! I told myself I was waiting until May, but I dipped my toes in and felt I could handle it. I think we are going to have a magnificent summer! Here is what we have been up to lately.
Last Saturday we headed to Verizon to update our phones. That is right ladies and gentleman, for the first time in his life Matt has a smart phone!! I think he is loving it. I really enjoy getting snapchats from his desk all day long! :P 
It was prom for my sister so I got some great snapchats. Here's one.

I was able to watch walk up via the #cube on my laptop. Here is my cousin, Creighton,

and Jadyn. It had a little echo, but other than that it worked out great.  

We went out for supper after that which I think was the first time we had gone out for supper just the two of us in our home city in a long time. I want to say two years, but I know that is a bit of an exaggeration. Then we walked through Hobby Lobby and I couldn't have been happier! :)
We decided we wanted to work on our backyard a little bit. We felt it was an easy enough project for us to tackle. Our plan is to add an open patio to put a table on so we can eat outside. It's so gorgeous here at night I want to eat outside every single day! So we put some plans into place and started tackling the project. Matt started last weekend. He found a rose he had to share with me.

The rose bush has since been torn up. He said he will replace it...We'll see...
I was able to help out with some of the work this weekend. On a trip to Home Depot this weekend I saw they had a big sale on flowers. I decided to try my hand at planting a few. I'm not expecting miracles, but we did add a little color to our front yard.

Matt felt it was necessary to buy a tamp on Saturday. He checked out his favorite shopping center (Craigslist) and saw someone had just put one up. He went to go get it, and the couple had just moved into a house previously owned by a Husker fan. The guy noticed Matt's license plate and decided we needed to also buy this flag from him. Matt was overjoyed. It was up all day Saturday, and we have already gotten some comments on it.

Also did you notice our walk way now has lights?? After six months, I felt it was necessary to add some lights to our front yard.
Well I am sure you have had enough of the front yard when the back yard is the project we are tackling. It doesn't look so great right now, but we are making progress.

We are ripping up the grass and moving the rocks back. Here is what it looked like after our first full day.

We will see if it is done before summer is over! :)
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Easter in Colorado

Last weekend we met my family for Easter. We chose to meet somewhere that was close to halfway but still had some fun things to do. Our choices were Albuquerque or Colorado Springs. We were switching cars with my parents so I could get one that runs so we figured we should drive further since they were doing us the favor. Therefore we chose Colorado Springs. We took off Friday after work and ended up making it the whole way. It was a long trip!!

Nolan sent me this snapchat right before they took off.

I enjoyed catching up on our #highfamnews on Twitter along the way. We got there around 3:30 in the morning!
Saturday we spent hanging out around the town. But first, Matt had his first official meeting as a financial adviser. It looks so official, right!?

Nolan enjoys those selfies!

We toured Garden of the Gods.

We enjoyed lunch in Manitou Springs.

Then we split up. The girls went shopping, and the boys headed up Pike's Peak. We had a good time shopping some of the local stores; it was definitely not like shopping at home! The guys sent me a bunch of pictures from their trek up the mountain.

We headed back to the hotel so mom and Jadyn went for a little bike ride.

 They did make it out of the hotel, but I bet they wished they didn't. It was very windy!!

Sunday we opened our Easter gifts. 

Then we found a church to celebrate Easter. It wasn't anything we were used to, but it was a fun experience nevertheless. Then we enjoyed brunch
and had an Easter egg hunt! It was so fun!!  

We then made our trip back. We stopped in Albuquerque to get a package of cinnamon rolls from our favorite place, The Frontier. 

It was a great trip, and I am so glad we were able to spend it with my family!! Hope you all had a great Easter!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Atlee gets confirmed

Well we are now behind, again.....So here we go, another blast from the past.
As many of you know, a couple weekends ago I was back in Nebraska to watch Atlee get confirmed. I decided since it was almost April I would be fine not bringing a coat. I did wear pants and long sleeves assuming I would be okay. Normally, I overdress, and of course I think this time it was the coldest weather yet. Probably not, but it sure seemed like it! That night my mom took me to a fundraiser for the town. It was dueling pianos!!

It was so much fun! The audience really got into it!!

Saturday we headed to a track meet to watch Jadyn compete!!

Nolan and I definitely had a good time!

A few days before I got there I was really craving Taco John's for some reason. My family doesn't really eat there, but I made them eat there anyway!!

That night we had a kids' night and headed to the lake to get pizza. We pulled to the restaurant at the perfect moment.

It was gorgeous!!

Then we headed over to Lexington to do one of our favorite things, walk through Walmart. haha!! Then we enjoyed some ice cream. Nolan thought it would be comical to flip the blizzards upside-down to make sure they stayed put. The cashier was not pleased. We all had a good laugh!!

Then the celebration arrived!
We had a little photo session before church!

The confirmand!

The group just kept growing!! :)

This is what my dad was doing the whole time.

Then we headed over to my aunt and uncle's for dinner.

The food was delicious, and it was fun to hang out with so many people!
As always, the trip went way too fast. I am so thankful they have a quick flight that allows me to get home so easily. I came back on Monday and headed to work right away. I ended up seeing twice as many people that day as I did the previous Monday. It was one busy week!!
Easter was spent in Colorado Springs which I hope to get posted soon! Until then, enjoy!!