Friday, September 27, 2013


Welcome to my blog! I have to confess it has taken me a long time to come around on blogs. I never quite knew what to think of them. But I have decided-I think they are cool!! :) I concluded this would be the best way for my family and friends to keep up with what has been happening in our lives. Recently we have been on a schedule to move to a new state about every six months. Yikes! We have become professional movers! Thanks mom, dad, Nolan and Atlee (and sometimes Jadyn)! Throw in being newlyweds and grad school and we just don't get home as often as we would like. My solution: blogging!
I suppose you are wondering how I chose my blog title. It's simple really. A couple of years into dating Matt, him being the business man that he is, came up with the idea that I should create a resume of my skills I have that would make me a great wife. Every time I did something that he thought would make me a great wife he always said, "add it to your wife resume." Now, I never made a physical resume, but I did have a mental one going in my head. Apparently he must have too because he decided marrying me would be a good idea! Well now that we are married his new thing is creating a mom resume, but I thought mad wife skillz sounded better. Plus I think I still need to grow my wife skills a tad bit! So there you have it-my reasoning for blogging and my blog title. Look around and try to keep up with us!! See ya around!