Monday, October 31, 2016

Still working on Fall

Well friends, we are still working on lowering the temperature over here. This was us as church greeters last week.

Can you tell what the temperature is?? ...Neither can we...
Saturday we enjoyed date night with the neighbors! We headed out to dinner and then to The Sound of Music Broadway!

It was SSOOOOOO good!! And funny! They added lots of jokes to the original script.

We all loved it, but we are also known to fall asleep easily. We were struggling before intermission!

Love my time with her!

They even had their own snapchat filter! I clearly failed at taking the picture, but the filter looks awesome!
On Sunday, we ran over to help the neighbors fix their door bell. The dog ran out as soon as we got there. Matt helped find her! He got out of the car holding her just like this! 

Last week was a pretty normal week. We enjoyed a nice little hike over the weekend. It is always fun to get out and feel like we are exploring even though we are in the middle of the city!

So our hike turned out to be a little longer than normal! We were having so much fun!

And I will leave you with one little funny. My neighbors went to a tennis doubles tournament at their gym. Since it was the weekend of Halloween they were supposed to dress up as former tennis stars. I went over to take a picture of their costumes. I was holding their daughter, taking pictures with Jenny's phone so naturally Abby thought she needed my phone. I gave it to her with the screen off, and she managed to turn on the camera and take pictures. We were laughing that she isn't quite old enough to take pictures of her mom and dad, but I would say she isn't too far off, right?!

Hope you all have a Happy Halloween!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

Pumpkin and Chili Party

We have been having a great time pretending it is fall in Phoenix. The temperature is still in the 90s, but we are doing as many fall things as we can with our neighbors! I have been doing more crafting with Jenny.

Saturday we spent the entire day with our neighbors; it was a super fun day! We started the day at Schnepf Farms for their Pumpkin and Chili Party. Matt was ready for some fun!

I saw on the map they had the jumping pillows available. As you may recall, when we were out there for my birthday, we had a blast jumping on them!

I was SUPER excited to take Abby on them. The girls had a BLAST jumping!!

By this point, I think I was having the most fun!

We were sporting shirts from our two favorite states-NE and AZ!

While Abby rode the kiddie rides, Matt and I took a turn on the swings!

We headed over for the pig races. The workers were super entertaining.

For each group of races, the farmer picked out a few kids to cheer on each pig as their own. The last round a set of goats raced and they wanted adults out of the crowd. Naturally Matt got chosen!

They had to do all kinds of crazy things like yell "sooie" as loud as possible!

Isn't she the cutest thing ever? She's my favorite!

The boys had fun shooting some pumpkins.

Matt took a turn at the zip line!

We watched the BMX bike show. My pictures didn't turn out too great because we wanted to sit in the shade!

We went for a fun hayride!

And took a turn at the corn maze. I had to send this picture to my brother because their corn did not look too good!

Making our way through the corn maze!

We made it out and headed to pick out our pumpkins!

We had such a fun filled day!

We came home real quick to add our pumpkins to our front porches. Then we were off to a party at our old neighbor's new house. We played badminton, had fun hanging out, and enjoyed some amazing Italian food!

We spent Sunday recovering and getting caught up on work. Such a fun weekend with some really fun friends! Stay tuned as we have more fun things planned in the next few weeks!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Harvest and a Wedding

The fun has continued in our household i.e. be prepared for picture overload! Matt and I both got home early one night (which never seems to happen) so we headed to South Mountain for a gorgeous hike.

I received this lovely snapchat from my sister a couple weeks ago!

Matt and I often share meals because let's be honest, a meal at a restaurant is way too much food for a normal person. And if Matt could never spend money he would be happy. So one way I get him to eat out more often is by splitting a big meal. Works well for us, but go figure, I get made fun of! Even Jadyn's friends know we do this!!

Two weekends ago we made a quick getaway back to Nebraska for a jam packed weekend. There was literally NO ONE in the security line! Which was a good thing because we did not leave much time to spare.

We were proud to wear our new shirts from Left on Dodge! Our best friends started a t-shirt company and have some really cool stuff! If you haven't checked them out yet go to their website HERE

Saturday my mom, Atlee, and I headed to Smithfield for their Fall Festival.

I found a really cute ceramic pumpkin to add to my collection! I think I have tripled my pumpkin collection this season...(no shame!)

My dad's birthday was a couple days before so we extended the celebration!

Saturday we headed for Jennifer's wedding. She is my oldest friend, and I was really glad I was able to make it back for her beautiful wedding.

I also ran into a few more old friends!

We were all cheerleaders so naturally we posed in our favorite cheer.

Here is the original and recreation side by side. I think we did pretty good!

There are always lots of shenanigans when these two are involved!

Another married classmate from 2008!

We were also speech kids, and it looks like we've still got it!

We found Caleb at the same venue for another reception. I guess he may "technically" be my oldest friend as our parents met taking Lamaze class together. It was a great night of catching up with old friends!

Sunday Atlee, my mom, and I headed to the pumpkin patch!

We made it through the corn maze successfully! :)

The giant slide was lots of fun!

The hike back up wasn't nearly as much fun...but the scenery was beautiful!

There was a little area for taking pictures so obviously we had to participate in cute, fall pics!

We had a race on the jump zone. Atlee definitely started before we said "go".

We <3 jumping!

 We shot some hoops. The wind did not help us make any extra shots!

And we picked out pumpkins!

I think we found a good variety!
While I was busy doing all the fun, fall things, Matt found his own fall fun-HARVEST! He had a blast and got lots of pictures to prove it!

Some of my favorite people!
Along with all of our fun, my mom strongly suggested I clean out my bedroom. I went through all kinds of stuff. I threw away a trash can full of things, and had about seven trash bags worth of donations! As I was going through everything, I found a few awards I felt like sharing!

Invention Convention!!! That brings back so many memories! One year I did place, but I couldn't seem to find that one...

I was ready to be a speech kid way before I got to high school! My dad took me to this contest which led to him and my mom doing a 50 mile bike ride. With all things considered, I'm thinking he regretted taking me to this contest! ;)

And last but certainly not least, I found this beauty! I'm pretty sure my grandma only made these for us one year, but I'm glad she chose this year. Fourth grade was tough!
Thanks for reading. Have a great week, friends!