Saturday, August 20, 2016

Girls' Week

Well friends, you should have known after two straight weeks of blog posts, I would need a little break! I am back at it today talking about a visit from my mom and sisters. I picked them up from the airport on a Monday afternoon. We headed to my house to watch the Olympics. I am an Olympic fanatic!! Matt and I got these super cute hats to wear when we watch the Olympics. ;P We think it brings good luck to the American athletes. I let my sisters take over the duties that afternoon!

We had Mexican for supper and some fro-yo for dessert. My friend told me about this place. Some of the flavors have only eight calories per ounce! I should probably try to eat there more often!

I took most of Tuesday off to hang out with my family. We headed to The Heard Museum for the morning. 

We had a great time learning about Native American culture. 

Jadyn was very zen while checking out the hogan.

Some of the artwork was very beautiful! It started storming while we were there so my mom and sisters got to experience wind and rain in Phoenix for the first time.  

We especially enjoyed our time at the learning center where we made lots of crafts.

Jadyn also practiced swaddling a baby!

I did have to work some while my family was there, and they spent a lot of their time snapping pics in the pool!

Back to the Olympics, I loved getting updates about what is going on from Twitter.

But I also printed out a schedule to follow!

One of my clients had a dream about me. We decided to make a piece of artwork to represent his dream. I thought it was very cute! We were riding on a boat in the ocean together.

Tuesday night, Maks and Val just happened to be in town putting on a show. We got tickets and headed to downtown Phoenix for a great show. Everyone wanted to wear one of my dresses to the show!

When Jadyn was down here last summer, we went to the Dancing With the Stars show. This show was incredible and had such a great story line to follow about their lives.

Lots of screaming ladies the entire entire!

Jadyn headed for Huston the next morning, but my mom and Atlee stayed through the week.
We obviously had to participate in National S'mores Day which happen to fall while they were here!

Thursday night we went on a Flashlight Tour at the Desert Botanical Gardens!

They had lots of additional exhibits displaying animals I never want to see outside of cages as well as crafts and fun learning opportunities.

It's hard to see, but there is a big bull frog hanging out in the water.

We got to see Saturn through a telescope. It also happened to be one of the nights the meteor shower was occurring. The man running the telescope said he saw a few meteors go by, but we had no such luck.

And because a trip to Phoenix is not worth it unless you go to Bahama Buck's, we found one open late and made it 10 minutes before they closed!

We had such a fun time! They got to experience some heat and the rain. My mom will be back in a few weeks so we will have to find more fun things to explore!