Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Ginger's Birthday Bash

Saturday we attended a 50th birthday party for one of our old neighbors, Ginger. It was French themed, cocktail attire. Here I am with my hot date!

Her realtor hosted at her home which is very beautiful, nestled in the mountains and a golf course. The sunset and view was pretty spectacular!

It was very special and such a fun night!

She had some really cute party ideas that I might just have to steal for myself including the lights in the pool, these party favors, and some amazing s'mores bites I think I ate at least 75% of them!

It was so good to see our friends again and to get dressed up for a change! 
Well friends, I think we are all caught up. We will be taking a few days to relax after all of our fun, but hopefully I can catch you up on more fun soon! :)

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Nolan Visits: Farmhouse Table

While Nolan was here Matt and I did work for a few days. While we were at work we put Nolan to work on building us a farmhouse table. I had found a pattern I loved a few months back. Nolan made some benches for my parents over Christmas break so I knew he could help us with this. He did an unbelievable job!!!

I came home during lunch to see him making lots of quick progress!

And when I got home, he was basically done!

A huge shout out to our neighbor for letting us use a bunch of his tools!!

The following day he built the benches to go with it. Then we got to staining!

Nolan came and went, but the table continued to stay in the garage. I put several coats of lacquer on to seal it and make it smooth. About 10 days later we got it moved into the house. Another neighbor helped us out! Thank goodness because it was heavy!! Now it is home sweet home!

And now I have been working on finding table decorations, but it's all fun, right?!
The last day Nolan left, our washing machine broke. Long story short, we bought a new one and built a pedestal for both pieces. Our washing machine is HUGE!!! As an OT, I know how important it is to be ergonomically correct in all of our movements, and the height of this pedestal certainly helps with that. I hardly have to bend over at all when changing the laundry! And my laundry basket fits perfectly underneath it!! 

Hope you enjoyed the mini-tour of our little home sweet home! :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Nolan Visits: Last Weekend

Matt and I also took off on Friday when Nolan was here. We drove up on Thursday night to Flagstaff so we could go skiing on Friday. We headed to Snowbowl for some fun in the sun (and cold)!

So not skiing for 10 years really takes a toll on a person. I was not great...

but the views were pretty!

Sunday we headed back to the Phoenix Open to watch the finals. Here is Rickie Fowler putting on 16.

We headed over to a friends' for a Super Bowl party. I brought out the Bronco pride for Matt. Luckily, it turned out well!

Our week was super exhausting, but we made some really great memories! I hope we can do it again soon!! Check back next week, Nolan helped us build an amazing farmhouse table I will show more in my next post!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Nolan Visits: Pro-Am

The Wednesday Nolan was here Matt and I both took the day off so we could go to the Pro-Am at the Phoenix Open. If you haven't heard of this before, it is a golf tournament of famous people/pro-golfers/executives that pay a lot of money to play that takes place during the PGA Tour's stop in Phoenix. It was pretty awesome!

We got there pretty early to make sure we could sit on hole 16 which is a temporary stadium built around a par 3 hole. It is entertaining!!

Here is Brian Urlacher in the blue polo.

And here is Larry Fitzgerald after he sunk his put!

More gorgeous views!

Then we decided to walk around to check out some other holes. We got up close and personal to Justin Upton as he chipped.

Then when the next group came in, one ball landed a couple feet from us. One of the volunteers said it may have been Emmitt Smith's ball!! Sure enough, it was! We talked to Emmitt Smith!!!! It was the coolest thing ever! He was awesome!

Next went the hometown hero, Dierks Bentley!

Rickey Fowler and Dierks Bentley hanging out on the green!

In the background is Phil Mickelson picking up his ball out of the pin.

We had such a fun time watching and chit-chatting with everyone!
That night we headed to the Bird's nest (next to the golf course) for a concert-it was a HUGE day!!

It was also super cold for Phoenix in February!!

First, we heard Dylan Scott. Turns out, I had heard like three of his songs. He was good!!

Then we listened to a DJ for a while as they set up for the main act, Rascal Flatts! It is always fun to hear their music although they were maybe a little bit past their prime. But I do love their music!!

Well that was all for one day. Check back soon for a few more exciting days of our fun!!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Nolan Visits: Barrett-Jackson

We pretty much packed our weekends full of activities while Nolan was here. Sunday we headed to Barrett-Jackson. More cars!

We headed into the auction to watch the excitement!

Then we walked through all of the cars. I told Matt if he ever wants to buy an old car, we are going to get one like this! How fun would this be to drive around? I would feel like I was in Great Gatsby!!

There were cars for days!!!

We saw a bunch of cars running through a test track and decided to go see what that was all about. Well good thing we did because we got a change to ride in a Viper. It was crazy intense!! It was really scary to watch these cars race around the concrete bordered track. Matt survived his run!

He and Nolan traded hands.

This was the car I rode in. As we were standing in line an announcer told us about how this car had lost a bunch of tread of its tires and picked up pieces off the road to show I wasn't scared enough already!! Matt videoed my ride and you could see us sliding all over the place. It actually felt much safer than it looked, and it was quite the rush!

We found more cool cars like Lightning McQueen and Tow Mater!

Again, I probably wouldn't have picked this activity, but it was pretty fun! Our next few days calmed down a bit, but don't worry we hit it hard again by the end of the week. Check back again soon as we switched our fun from cars to golf!