Monday, January 5, 2015

Christmas Review

Welcome to 2015! I thought I catch you up on the end of our 2014. We had LOTS of Christmas celebrations.
The weekend before Christmas we flew up to Denver to see Matt's family. Saturday we stayed at his aunt and uncle's along with his family. Sunday we headed up to Greeley for his extended family Christmas. He told me there would about 50 people there. Even though I heard him say that, I think I was only expecting about 18 people. So it came as a shock when there were more than 50 people there! Santa even stopped by for a visit.

I haven't had a picture with Santa for a long time.

He came with lots of presents for the little ones!

Luckily it wasn't too cold while we were there. It was another short trip (that's kind of what we do these days). We headed for the airport on Sunday night to fly back to Phoenix with my parents. 
Monday was Matt's birthday. He chose to do lunch at Chik-fil-a.

We even got a nice glimpse of the cow.

After lunch the boys went to TopGolf and had a total blast. The girls stayed home to make Christmas cookies.

Someone maybe missed the baking gene...(just kidding...kind of)

As if we didn't have enough baked goods, we also went and got some cupcakes to celebrate Matt's birthday.

There's the birthday boy!

That night we took my family to A Christmas Carol at a local theater.

I really enjoyed it. As we were walking out they had fake snow falling with Christmas lights everywhere. I was really getting into the Christmas spirit.

We headed to dinner at Oregano's for some yummy pizza.

and even more delicious dessert for the birthday boy!

Tuesday Jadyn headed off to work with me while the rest of the family finished Christmas shopping.


My dad decided to take over as pool boy while he was here.

We met them for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and enjoyed more dessert!

Christmas Eve morning I made a Christmas brunch.

We enjoyed punch, monkey bread, chocolate dipped fruit and a breakfast casserole.

Then we headed down the street for a quick little game of basketball.

Again, Jadyn and I dressed like twins!

We were hosting Christmas Eve that night so everyone got to work.

Whew! I was getting pretty tired by this point. But it was time for the celebration to start!

Always love our pew selfies!

We came back for appetizers and soup with my grandparents and great aunt and uncle.

I think I made enough appetizers for 50 people (there was 11 of us!). Matt and I have been filling up on leftovers, but I think everything from Christmas is now gone...We are still eating turkey from Thanksgiving!
After everyone left, we opened a few presents. Matt opened his birthday gift and everyone else got to open one gift.

We gave Nolan his favorite gift!!! ;)

He was pretty excited!

I think my dad liked his too!

Christmas morning we woke up for Santa gifts and finished opening the rest from everyone else. Remember when you used to take a picture of all your gifts you got for Christmas?? I don't think I should probably do that anymore, but I was really excited for all of mine! Christmas day we headed down to my grandma and grandpa's for lunch. Again we had our fill of yummy food!

The day after Christmas we headed to Maricopa for another meal with some more family members. After lunch us kids headed over for some more basketball.

We played a nice little round of "LLAMA" and "on the line."

These two enjoyed some quality time with aunt Daisy.

That night Matt built a nice fire for us to enjoy.

Saturday the boys took us over to their new favorite place, TopGolf. Apparently everyone else figured out it was their favorite place too-it was packed!. We didn't end up playing. Guess we know what we will be doing next time they come!

We still had time for pictures!

That afternoon we loaded up and took them back to the airport. 

We were a little squished!

We had a great time! Hopefully our first visitors come back and see us again soon!

P.S. Happy Bachelor Monday!!!