Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Getaway weekend

Hello! I hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend! Matt and I have been talking about all the cool weekend trips we want to take while we are living in Phoenix since there are so many neat things to do within a few hours. We decided with the three day weekend we should use it to get away. I started the weekend seeing my oldest friend, Jenn, as she was down for a cousin's graduation. It is always nice to see some friends from back home and to show her around the city I now call home. Then we snuck away to San Diego for the weekend. Apparently that is where everyone in Phoenix likes to go so we thought we should join in the fun!

We arrived Saturday afternoon, drove over that bridge in the background to head to Coronado Island.

We hadn't been to the ocean for awhile and couldn't wait to get to the water so we headed straight there! The freezing water was a big shock if you couldn't tell by our faces in this picture.

Then we headed to the beautiful Hotel del Coronado.

And we checked out the sandcastle on the beach. 

This guy is so talented!

Coronado was gorgeous! Even the sand dunes are pretty!!

With the naval base on the other side of the island we got to see tons of aircraft fly overhead. 

Then we checked out the yacht club. Give us about 30 years and we promise to give you a ride on our boat nestled in this marina.

How cute is this town?

We spent the rest of the evening walking around downtown enjoying some ice cream!

 Sunday morning we woke up and headed for a hike along San Diego's most famous hike, Cowles (Coals) Mountain. 

We were able to get some gorgeous views of downtown San Diego, the ocean, and even Mexico. 

Then we headed for downtown to all the action. We brought our bikes and used those to get around the rest of the day. And just to prove that I actually rode my bike, Matt took lots of pictures! Not only were we able to park for free and get some more exercise, we got to see a lot of the city we would have otherwise missed.

 We made a stop at the USS Midway aircraft carrier, a great place to spend Memorial Day weekend. For a while, we actually got behind a guy that works on an aircraft carrier. It was very cool to hear his testimonials.

Look at this little tourist! What a cutie!!

We spent a lot of time looking at all of the airplanes on board. They had lots of volunteers that served on similar aircraft carriers that could also answer any questions we had.

Someone decided to claim an airplane as his own.

Again, more incredible views


Yes, I get to call him my husband!

Next, we rode our bikes over to Balboa Park. The architecture there is beautiful!

Then we headed to Mission Beach. This was the best sunset opportunity we had all weekend. It was a little cloudy, but we still had a great time!

We also took a stroll through Belmont Park to check out all the rides.

 Monday we headed up to La Jolla to check out the cove and spend the day relaxing at the beach.

How resourceful are we? We were able to take another bike ride and still bring everything we wanted with us to the beach!

 Again, gorgeous! 

We made it to the cove.

 and found the sea lions.

Then we took about a million pictures of the water. I tried to spare you. 

 I could sit and watch the water all day.

Then we set up camp, and did precisely that! We didn't move for hours.

We got to watch some cool fly overs. 

And all sorts of ads. This was the coolest one we saw.

 The road to San Diego travels super close to Mexico.

In fact, we were so close we saw the border fence for many miles.

That was an interesting experience for us including multiple stops at border patrol stations. Altogether, we had a great, relaxing and rejuvenating weekend. Where will we head to next? Thanks for reading! :)