Monday, March 28, 2016

Hosting Easter

Hope you all had a Happy Easter! What a wonderful season to celebrate! Friday evening we helped out at the Good Friday service at church, I was in the nursery and Matt ushered. The service was held outside and we went to the one at 8:30. WAY past our bedtime and it got a little chilly, but otherwise really cool! 
I found a cute recipe for Easter bark so we made that (a few times!)!

We decided to host Easter and invited Matt's aunt and uncle and some of his second cousins.

I figured it was time we use our china! We have no display case yet so it has stayed in boxes. When I got everything out, I felt like we just moved in!

I am not quite as good as my Grandma Gene was, but I did set the table on Saturday!

Sunday morning at church. Matt was a greeter and I helped in the nursery again.

Matt put a brisket on late Saturday night, and it was delicious!

We had a great time, and hosting may be one of my most favorite things!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Training and BBQ

Matt's friend, Tommy and his dad came down to AZ for a pretty awesome getaway. They spent time at Spring Training games and on the golf course. We met up with them for dinner on Friday night. Sunday we met them for a Royals game. It was a beautiful day for baseball!

We got to see Alex Gordon play a few innings!

On his first pitch, he hit a home run!

We enjoyed their company while we had it. Hopefully they had fun too!
Last weekend Matt and I took all our fruit off the trees. 

Then we juiced ALL of it!

Here I thought I was almost done!

And I got another 50+ oz.! In total we have over 200 oz. (everything you see, plus an extra 50 oz. in ice cube trays).

Matt squeezed the tangelos which we also have plenty of juice from that too! ;)

Saturday night we headed to the Chandler BBQ Festival with some friends. 

We went last year and pretty much missed all of the food. This year we got there early enough to enjoy some delicious BBQ! Granger Smith was the headliner and did a great job!

And I will leave you with an embarrassing story from Monday. I stopped to go to the bathroom around 2 in the afternoon. When I looked in the mirror I noticed my earrings didn't seem to match. Sure enough, they didn't!! I sent this picture to my friend Lauren and she couldn't stop laughing!

I have two pairs of ivory earrings that I bought from different stores. Different colors, different sizes, and slightly different shapes. What a case of the Mondays!!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring is Springing

Hello friends! So my computer broke... :( which I guess is why I have not posted anything for a little (okay...long) while! Let's just update on what has been going on. Just some tidbits, nothing too exciting. I went to Target the other day to check out the $1 spot. I found some super cute spring/Easter decorations. Then I brought them home and remembered I already had a few...oops! But you can never have too many!! And I am still in desperate need of some bunnies!!!

I also bought a new table runner because I felt our new table needed some color.

A couple weeks ago I was getting all excited for the TOMS warehouse sale. I got an email on Wednesday saying they were opening a day early for Friends & Family. I am ssooo glad I went then! There was hardly anyone there, and I heard from some friends the other days were not great. 
I didn't even know TOMS sold bags. So I bought two three (oops! I forgot I bought a weekender bag, too)! ;) I am sending the gray one on the left to my mom, and the one on the right is my new work bag!

Can I tell you how difficult it is to find shoes for me and my sisters!?!

I looked around for a while but eventually gave up so I started to send pictures like this for them to pick from.

And of course, none of us wear the same size...

I ended up getting these for Jadyn. Totally her, right?? I had no idea TOMS made all these kinds of shoes. It was really eye opening for me. 

Atlee is getting these!

I ended up getting two pairs for myself that are already getting plenty of wear!

I am glad they only asked how many pairs of shoes I bought instead of items. I probably didn't really need to brag about buying seven things, right!?! I'll share some additional updates soon!

Saturday, March 5, 2016


Hi friends! I apologize I have not been updating you lately. I have been very sick. So not much has been happening. The only thing I have to say is Amazon Prime Now is AMAZING!! While I was home one day sick from work, and Matt was already at work for the day, I ran out of Powerade. It was the only thing that was making me feel somewhat okay. So here is how it all works. I picked out the things I wanted online from an app on my phone, then they prepared the items. Then a guy headed out to deliver them. Since I was sick, I really did not have much to do so I watched his delivery path the whole time...he stopped at three other places before dropping off my things. It was really interesting that many people close to me ordered things around the same time. It was so cool!! Amazon Prime Now-best thing ever, especially when you are sick!!!!