Thursday, November 9, 2017

Ramsey Six Weeks

I can hardly believe our baby girl is six weeks old! (She is actually seven weeks today as I am writing this so I am a little behind.) Nevertheless, I am sharing pictures of her from weeks 4-6.
Aunt Atlee was anxiously awaiting to visit. She claims she is Ramsey's best friend! Look at that face! :) 

And I think she is right!

Another cute Husker outfit to add to our Saturday apparel.

These two took lots of pictures together! 

Atlee got a great picture of her smiling! 

And this one just makes me laugh! Do you think we take her picture too much?? She has had enough!

Fun times at home with mama. :)

So beautiful and ready to help her parents greet at church. She is the youngest greeter ever! We are getting her service minded early. Do I need to start her college resume now?? (kidding, not kidding) 

We took her on her first hike!

We went to South Mountain, back to the same spot we took our pregnancy announcement photos.

Life is way better as a family of three!

After an afternoon of watching football we took a walk to the park. All the girls on the swings!

Then it was Halloween week and Lovie came to help her celebrate her first holiday! They were matching on Monday. 

Such a happy girl! 

Tuesday we were all decked out in our Halloween shirts!

Our front porch was ready for trick-or-treaters! 

I had two costumes for Ramsey this year because, why not? I was going to have Ramsey wear her cheerleader outfit for a little bit, but she was a little fussy so we went straight for the pumpkin. We took her trick-or-treating at Jenny's. 

Then Ramsey and I walked around with Jenny and Abby as they trick-or-treated the whole neighborhood. It is the perfect size neighborhood for young kids! And some of our neighbors really go all out for Halloween! 

Matt made it home and finished trick-or-treating with us. There is one other guy in our neighborhood that is a Husker fan and was giving out candy from his garage so we took a picture with his Husker mural on the only day of the year it seemed appropriate to ask! The door was open so it's okay, right?! 

Elena of Avalor and her cute pumpkin friend after a fun filled night of trick-or-treating. Ramsey fell asleep right after we got to Jenny's and slept the whole night! I think she was nice and warm in her costume. 

One last family pic! 

Onto November and time to pull out our cute fall clothes! I cannot get this picture turned, but this outfit is just too cute not to share! 

So happy with Lovie!

Matt had a potluck at his office so we thought that would be a great time to take her in to meet everyone! 

We even got out her giraffe booties! 

It has started to get a bit chilly here in the mornings so we had to bundle up for our walk! 

She is really starting to enjoy her hanging toys on her play mat!

She was ready for some basketball with daddy.

Another Saturday means more Husker cheering! 

We met Vinnie and Jenny at a new brewery next to the Mesa airport and were able to watch lots of airplanes take off and land including one of these!

Such a relaxed sleeper!

Another week of greeting at church so we are always trying to look our best! It's been so fun to let everyone meet her as they watched her grow in my tummy for so long. Everyone that comes through our door has been anxiously awaiting her arrival and definitely enjoy the extra face at the door!

We went over to some friends' house to watch football and they had just gotten this seat from another friend. Their two year old moved it across the house for us so we figured we better try it out, and Ramsey loved it! 

Another cute warm outfit! 

I have really missed out on a lot of Thanksgivings with my family, but this year we are going to get to celebrate with them. So I bought her this festive outfit for the occasion!  

We love fall! 

Ramsey had her first play date with her friend, Charlotte! Ramsey looks like a giant compared to Charlotte, but she is twice her age (they are three weeks apart so this was the only week I can say that!) ;) 

Showing off her cute new headband she got from Charlotte and her mama, Lauren! She also loves getting into her car seat because then she knows we are going somewhere, and this girl loves to go!

In other news, Ramsey started rolling over!! I know it is entirely too early, but she loves her tummy time! As my PT friend reminded me, it was basically like I gave birth to a three month old based on her skill level so it only makes sense she is rolling now. At this rate she will be crawling before I go back to work! I am so proud of her, but can time just please slow down?!? Stayed tuned for our two month post soon! 

Sunday, October 22, 2017

One month of Ramsey

 It's here!! Ramsey turned one month old on Saturday!!

The time is going way too fast, but it is so much fun to watch her grow!
I am updating the rest of our daily pictures from the month and then have a few memories to share from the past month!

She is so good at relaxing in her bed, a trait she definitely picked up from her dad! ;)

Friday I put her in a cute onesie Auntie J gave her.

But it didn't last very long so we had to change before we went out for the day...
We ran some errands and did a little shopping at the monthly vintage market which was ready for all things fall and Christmas!

My friend Sara is a big cat lover and got her this!

She is also a PT and will totally appreciate Ramsey showing off her good ATNR reflex here!

Auntie J played with Ramsey for a little bit so we got lots of snapchats. This one was my favorite!

We have been on daily walks for over three months now, and the entire time we have been watching them resurface the basketball courts at the park. They finally finished them so we walked to the park Friday afternoon to practice some set plays on the court.

This girl loves her tongue!

She is growing way too fast!

We spent Saturday at the pumpkin patch with our neighbors. If you missed my post on that, click HERE.

A sleepy Sunday afternoon.

She gets extra snuggles with daddy on Sunday.

I like her little face!

We took another walk to the park on Sunday afternoon.

We had a busy Monday morning working out and running errands. When her hands are up when she is sleeping, I know she is extra tired! She also may have been signaling another touchdown for our fantasy team that night! 

She is definitely looking around a lot more and is starting to interact with some of the animals in this bassinet. She likes to look at the sheep and will occasionally bat at the butterfly and snail overhead. 

And how big does she look in a t-shirt and jeggings?!? WOW!! October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month so we got this shirt to support our friend Blakely. I can't wait for Ramsey to meet her because if Blakely is anything like her mom, Stacey, Ramsey and Blakely will be great buddies!

Still loving that tongue action! :)

Such a peaceful sleeper.

I think she could be a model! Such a little poser even in her sleep.

I don't think I ever posted the first chalkboard I created for Ramsey so here it is.

I have also added a few things to personalize her nursery a little bit more.
If you missed my original post about her nursery click HERE.

I painted our pumpkins we picked up at the pumpkin patch.

papa bear

mama bear

and baby bear

A few new decoration for our front porch!

Saturday morning we took her one month pictures in the same onesie we took her two day old pictures in.

I can't believe she sat still enough for me to take this picture.

It usually looks more like this!

I think we are going to get her reading early! She already looked interested in trying to figure out what the board says.

We celebrated her turning one month old at a Halloween party! 

Go Huskers!

Now a quick look back at Ramsey over the last month!
One day old 

Headed to the pediatrician at four days old.

Having fun playing at 11 days old.

Loving her aunties at 18 days

and now two days vs. 30 days! She is growing so fast!


I also realized I never posted any of her newborn pictures on my blog so here are a few to enjoy!

I love these booties from Kaye!

She was such a trooper to wear this tutu I made for her! 

We also did an outdoor family shoot that was so much fun! She did fantastic, which is good because if you haven't noticed, she will be well photographed!

Ramsey has had a very eventful first month of life. We enjoy every second with her and can't believe how much she has changed in such a short period of time!

To see the first three weeks of Ramsey click below