Check out my crafting pics.

Our new to do list

Headboards and few other new projects from the summer.

Here is the summertime wreath I made for my new apartment. I decided it would put me in a good mood every time I walked through my door. 

I made two of these canvas flower boards which are currently hanging above our kitchen sink. 

I made this wreath as a wedding gift for my dear friends, Calli and Aaron. Hope they are enjoying making their house a little bit more home-y! 

I made this one for my friend Rebecca for her wedding.

This is currently sporting our front door.

I made this for my peds supervisor, and she loved it!

Wedding wreaths!!

 We used these as our guest book for our wedding. We spray painted them white and the guests wrote on them with black and silver sharpies. They currently hang above our TV in the living room. It is a fun way to always be reminded of who came to share our special day with us. 

Our wedding favors.

Our small centerpieces for the wedding. We also had medium and large sizes.